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Hello, I am Web Application Developer from Wroclaw, Poland. I have developed myself with the best practices in web application building. This website is built with RubyonRails. I am also good at Javascript Frameworks and Libraries. I love to talk with you about our unique.

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Financial Tracker

This is the finance tracker app from the Complete Ruby on Rails Developer course

Need fast development, styling not of utmost importance but needs to look presentable.
No test framework required at this time since I am building a prototype fast to display at an investors gathering.
What's important is the core functionality, time and presentation.


  1. ~~Authentication system, users can sign-up, edit their profile, log in/out~~
  2. ~~Users can track stocks, up to 10 per user. The profile page will display all the current stock prices~~
  3. ~~Users can search for stock symbols using a search bar~~
  4. ~~Users can choose to add a stock from results of search to their portfolio~~
  5. ~~Users can look for friends, or other users of the app, by name (first or last or email)~~
  6. ~~Users can view portfolio of stocks their friends are tracking for investing ideas~~
  7. ~~Must be mobile friendly, so the styling has to be responsive~~

Technologies used:


Rails 5


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